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Why trust us?

Our solutions are developed by experienced engineers, using latest technologies of development, it is based on an indisputable savoir faire, led us to choose the modern programming languages and tools, to guaranteed a high performance, data security and a long durability of applications in the face of continuous changes in health information system infrastructures.

All our applications are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, thus covering all needs.

You are in direct contact with the Editor. We are the publisher of our solutions and therefore we are able to respond to all your suggestions and comments at any level.

We guarantee constant development in response to your requests.

Founding Director.
(Editor and Integrator of health solutions)


Firethunder offers you the latest version of the imaging solution 'FireRIS', customized to facilitate any task relating to the daily management of radiology centers.

Management of Schedules and appointments
Integration of all kinds of documents
Patient records management
Management of all kinds of prescriptions
Intelligent generation of reports
Digital dictation and speech recognition in collaboration with Nuance
Advanced stock management
Management of emails and template letters
Integrated email and SMS
FireRIS Interfaces
FireRIS Solution, Accueil
FireRIS Solution, fiche médicale
Patient File
FireRIS Solution, fiche patient
Report Models
FireRIS Solution, liste des patients
FireRIS Solution, Ordonnances
Statistics Table
FireRIS Solution, Certificats et courriers
FireRIS Solution, Payment
Modalities Statistics
FireRIS Solution, billing
External Management Orders
FireRIS Solution, web-diffusion
Reports Module
During the warranty period (1 year), you are served free of charge 6 days a week, in addition you benefit from new corrective and evolutive updates. After the warranty period, the customer is recommended to sign a maintenance contract with 15% limited at 2,000$ of the purchase amount. In return for this annual amount, you benefit from :
Hotline 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 7 pm.
All updates are installed for free.
4 annual visits to the site for curative maintenance
Taking seriously your recommendations for new features in developing versions
Yes indeed, All Our solutions work on Windows, Macintosh and Linux, only a browser (Google Chrome is recommended) is sufficient to use the Fireris solution.
The FireRIS solution is designed to be configured according to all specialties, each practitioner can easily prepare the semiology and the data flow that suits him.
Yes of course, the FireRIS solution can operate in a network with many computers and users with the advantage of installing it on a single central server with several accesses, no other installation is necessary to start using the FireRIS solution.
The mobile version works on most Smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, etc.), radiologists will be able to consult all patient files outside the center or even better use key features such as: appointments consultation, the waiting room or downloading documents as needed (PDF, image, report, radiology, etc.)
It's very easy, our team is at your disposal in front of dedicated computers, connected to the Internet, from the slightest complaint, one of our technicians accesses (after your authorization) into your computer and resolves your problem quickly, in 99% of cases the problem is resolved remotely within 5 minutes.
The backup is provided automatically and daily at the client's suitable time and destination (NAS, external hard drive, Icloud, dropbox, etc.), so your data is within your reach and forever.
Yes of course, all our solutions are developed according to IHE standards, so the possibility of communicating with existing health solutions is guaranteed (Pacs, His, ....), and even possible to ensure a migration from others brands to the FireRis.
Absolutely yes, Firethuner solutions are developed with the latest lightweight technologies, so the radiologist can open his session of work from anywhere outside the center, in theory his physical presence is not necessary. Only Equipped with a tablet, he will be able to analyze, process images and write his reports.
The SMS Reminder module is very useful, if the doctor wishes to send individual or group reminders to his patients (appointment reminder, postpone appointments, recovery, availability of reports) or even do E-marketing (wish AID MOUBARAK, anniversary of partners, ...).
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